Ronald B. Fox & Associates


Case Studies

Primecall, a telecom firm, provided callers around the world access to a US dial tone allowing them to bypass government telecommunications monopolies and their high prices.

In 1997, Primecall’s sales force consisted of a network of independent worldwide agents. While this allowed for a strong regional presence, it presented language barriers and time differences that minimized the ability of agents to interact with the head office and seriously impaired efforts to centralize and standardize operational procedures. Moreover, new order and customer care issues were requiring significant capital outlay and staff time.

That is why Primecall turned to Ronald B. Fox & Associates LLC.

After in-depth evaluation, we determined that to realize its potential Primecall must transform itself from a traditionally structured organization to a global, web-centric business. Immediately, a software company was commissioned to customize a corporate system that would run via the Internet and automate much of the basic business operations. This allowed global agents 24/7 access to the automated head office and streamlined billing and account service functions. In addition, to lower costs we negotiated contracts and mergers with new suppliers, vendors and key partners.

Within five months, Primecall went from break-even to gross profit margins of 35%.

With Primecall’s improved customer & agent relations and growing revenue, new business opportunities presented themselves. We led them through the acquisition of two established callback providers and rolled their entire operations into the new system.


Within five months, Primecall went from break-even to gross profit margins of 35%.